Why To Keep Your French Press Away From Your Dog?

You might have bought the Top French press coffee maker available in the market and want to show off to your guest and keep it on the table. You will soon find it is not such a good idea if you amstaff-Terrierhave a pet dog in your house.

Since the French press coffee makers are pretty easy to dismantle it will spill the coffee if the pet playfully drops its down and your pet might drink the coffee.

What would happen if my pet dog drinks coffee?

Your vet should have already advised you that coffee in high doses is poisonous to your pet dog and hence should always be kept away from your amstaff.

What are the signals of coffee poisoning?

If you anytime suspect that your pet dog might have swallowed coffee, you should immediately try to look for symptoms. This includes restlessness, hyper activity, vomiting, tremors and an increased heart rate, in any of the above cases rush to your nearest vet for help.

Immediate Action:

The best immediate action is to somehow induce the gag reflex to make your pet vomit the ingested fluids, while you wait for the vet or travel towards the hospital. In extreme cases it can really make a lot of difference.


There is no direct medication for toxicities induced through caffeine for dogs.  The vet might induce vomiting through other means to flush out the coffee or other liquids ingested. If required the doctor might provide medications following the symptoms.


It might happen in some of the ceases that the doctor would suggest to admit the pet and keep under supervision for several hours, make sure you do agree with them as it will help get your pet an immediate attention in case something goes wrong.

Also while you have a final talk with the vets, make sure to ask for the diet to be provided for few days while your pet recovers. It might be the case that they would suggest a normal diet or a modified one which would go slow on your pets body.

Side Note:

On a side note you should also understand that caffeine is present in other edible objects too, like coffee bags, cold drinks, some medications and other stuffs. Besides keeping your best plunger press safely, you should also keep the other food items out of reach of your dog.


10 Reasons American Staffordshire Terrier Is The Best Dog For Your Home

The American Staffordshire Terrier is the threatening breed of the dog. It has short muscle, sturdy weight, broad neck, scissor type bite teeth, hard bone structure and the hard jaw bone. This can be looks like and terrible dog. The Staffordshire Terrier is the love and an affectionate.

This can create the feel like the wonderful family pet and the perfect guard dog. This can be the best and the perfect dog for your home. This can protect your home without any kind of problems. Amstaff-Terrier-PuppyThe Staffordshire Terrier breed originated in the 19th century in England. This can be developed with the strong and hard muscular build. This breed is mainly used for the fighting and this can offer the perfect guard dog feel to the user.

The proper practice, foods, exercise and other things help to train your dog in the best way. This breed is also called as the Yankee Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Dog and American Bull Terrier. This breed is popular in 1920 and most of the TV shows and other live shows you can see this type of breed for some of the fight actions. If you want to get the best dog the American Staffordshire Terrier is the best choice for you. This can create the wonderful and happiest moment for the user. This can be the lovable dog and also for the best guard.

Characters Of American Staffordshire Terrier Proofs The Best Dog For Your Home

Socialization: The Amstaffs are friendly dogs, but sometimes for the protective purpose this cannot allow the strangers in your home. So the proper socialization behaviors for the small age of the dog help to behave like a friendly way. This will help to protect your home without any kind of problems. This can create the friendly relationship with your family members.

Look: The Staffordshire Terrier breed looks like a dangerous dog because, it has scissor type bite teeth, the short muscles, sturdy weight, broad neck and hard bone. This will help to prevent your home from the thief and strangers come to your home. This can create you can feel like the best guard for the home.

Friendly Relationship: The American Staffordshire Terrier is the perfect dog for your home and your family. This can create the wonderful and friendly relationship with your family. The view and habits of the dog look like a terrible dog, but for the user, this can be the best pet. The behaviors of this dog melt your heart look like an ice cube.

Loving: Most of the Terrier users told, this breed is the lovely and the affectionate dog. There are different size of the dogs available for different colors, you can choose your favorite pet. All the type of this breed has the same behaviors. The attitude of the dog decides the proper training and food to the dog.

Weight: The male breed has 57 pounds and the female breed has 67 pounds weight. The major benefits using this dog to protect your home is the look. The size of this dog is small, but the view is to create the afraid feel to the strangers and thief.

Fighting: In the olden days, this dog is used for the fighting purpose. In the olden and also for today’s cinema industry can use this dog for fighting purposes and also for the pet. This has the beautiful look and medium size. The breed fight to the thief, if the thief enters into your home.

Behavior: The nature of this dog is the best protector. The American Staffordshire Terrier is to fight with the stranger for the purpose of protecting your home. This can easily identify your family members. This can be the excellent guard dog for your home. This can find the difference between the bad strangers and a good stranger. This can be the friendly dog and not harmful to your home.

Life: The major benefits of using this dog have larger life. The life of this breed is the 9 years to 15 years. This can be the money worth dog. There are no major health problems is not created for this dog. So, there is no extra maintenance is needed for the dog.

Best Choice: You can buy the Amstaff breed in the Small age. This can be the best option for you. If you can train your dog start from small age that will help to create the friendly relationship with your family.

Best Guard: This breed behaves like the best guard and most of the people can use this dog for the protection purpose. Mostly, dogs are used for the protection purpose, but this breed is the best pet and also for the best guard.